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The Indonesian School for Sustainable Aquaculture’ (ISSA) had been removed from the fish farm of PEMKOT Cimahi (BBI) to the plant of mr. Monthy Suleiman at Ciater.

ISSA is called now: ‘Aquaculture Vocational Facility Indonesia’(AVF-Indonesia),  in accordance to Dutch ‘Aquaculture Vocational Facility’ (AVF) at AOC De Groene Welle at Zwolle, The Netherlands.

At AVF-Indonesia fingerlings of catfish, tilapia and carp will be produced for Javanese fish farmers allowing them to grow to marketable sizes.

Moreover new fish species will be introduced at AVF-Indonesia like: Nilem (Osteochilus hassekti) , Sidat (Anguilla bicolor) and Belut (Fluta alba).

At AVF-Indonesia lessons in modern fish farming (as educated in The Netherlands) will be offered and Dutch certificates will be offered in case of success.


  • In Indonesia, because of over-fishing, lack of fish for human consumption exists
  • Human health is under pressure as humans need necessary fatty acids from fish are for optimal growth and health. Insufficient intake of fish as food contributes to the general occurrence of anaemia under Indonesian population (WHO: 44.5 %, 2001)
  • Over-fishing of seas and oceans causing pressure on diversity of fish species
  • Indonesia has a culture of non-entrepreneurs. Majority of original Javanese people has no interest for efficient entrepreneurship as we are familiar in Western Europe.
  • Major part of Indonesian population lives in poverty (FAO) and anaemia is wide-spread (ca 45 % of population).
  • Inefficient use of land, water, nutrients and labour
  • Limited knowledge on quality control, traceability, hygiene safety related to fish production
  • Low reuse of minerals from fish to vegetables
  • Limited knowledge on economic issues
  • Low quality of fish feeds
  • Many fish farmers are in economic problems due to poor management skills, market change and fish diseases,
  • Limited efficient use of local production facilities/greenhouses
  • No microcredit facilities to start-up/expand business due to limited knowledge on economic issues
  • Traditional farming in Java hinders quick introduction of modern techniques
  • Strong growth in population, increased demand for healthy nutritional & fresh food such as fish



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